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Branch Objects come from nature, forests, trees and the earth’s natural materials showing the essence, beauty and being of the environment. They represent growth, nourishment and cultivation through connections, (joints), links and bonds. We are two business partners who have joined our passion and knowledge to build the brand, Branch Objects. The first letters of which, Bra, show our Brazilian roots.



Branch Objects is a modern ethical brand that promotes dignity, sustainability and beauty across the globe.

Our mission is to represent artists and designers from Brazil to the public raising awareness of the objects they produce, as well as the making process. We source high-end objects from artists and designers with a reputation for that particular design and craft. The works are carefully curated and fall between art and design.



Branch Objects supports ‘responsible’ makers, facilitating the process of creating sustainable businesses and exhibiting their productions to the world. We are interested in knowing the story behind our products and, most of all, sharing that story with our clients. We are committed to craftsmanship, design and positive social change.


Bringing together an evolving curation of Brazilian artists and designers, our pop-up stores and exhibitions provide a showcase and community for like-minded brands and consumers alike who share our philosophy and mission. We offer sophisticated objects that support ‘responsible’ makers, along with home and lifestyle products that share the Branch Objects vision of creating a sustainable future.



Alessandra Ferrari (founder and partner) moved to London in 2012 to do a post graduation course in Art and Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Arts and has since been working with Brazilian artists organising exhibitions and residencies.

Sandra Piacentini (founder and partner) moved to London in 2018. She is an architect with vast experience working in São Paulo, Brazil for more than 20 years and is also the founder/partner of Arduino Piacentini Architects Associates which executes an extensive number architecture and interior design projects.