Domingos Totora‘s work falls somewhere between art and design. His inspiration comes from Maria da Fé, his birth town, in the Mantiqueira mountain range in Minas Gerais, where he first noticed the large amounts of discarded cardboard left in the streets and decided to use this as his medium. Encouraging community participation and social conscientiousness through his design, Totora experiments with both material and technique. At first glance, works such as ‘Kraft’, a small bench, and ‘Organic’, a ribbed vase, might look as though they are made from wood, but are actually made entirely from cardboard and a sustainable glue paste. These and other designs have a sense of fluidity and elegance, reflecting the landscape of Minas Gerais. Totora never conceives of an object’s function first, preferring to create sculptures that take on functions that are secondary to their form.